• Kitchen Guide

  • To help focus your selection process when renovating your kitchen, ask yourself the following questions. You can print out the questionnaire and refer to it as you read through the site and while visiting our showroom.

    1. Do my current cabinets provide enough storage?  Do I need more cabinetry?  Do I need more organization accessories?
    2. Who will be using the kitchen?  Do their needs differ by age, height, safety or other factors?
    3. What activities besides cooking and eating take place in the kitchen?  Do I need a desk area, recycling area, or cabinets to conceal a washer/dryer or TV?
    4. Is easy maintenance a must?  Which material is least likely to show fingerprints and scratches?
    5. What features do I need with my new cabinets?  What is available?  Which could I live without or add later?
    6. Do I prefer a light, medium, or dark stain?  Do I prefer a light, dark or bright paint?
    7. What kind of overall style do I want to create in the kitchen?  Contemporary?  Traditional? Country?
    8. What styler of door will help to create the look I want?
    9. Depending on the overall style, do I want a wood door or would another material better create the look and style I want?
    10. If choosing wood, what kind of grain appeals to me?  What finishes will create the look and style I want?  
    11. Do I want my cabinets to include display space, such as open shelving or glass-front doors?
    12. Do I need wall cabinets for storage or do I prefer to keep wall space open for windows or decorative items?  
    13. Do I need moldings and trim to create the look I want?  Do I want to dust them?