2019 Kitchen Trends

1.  Pops of Colour ~ It can be in your backsplash, painted cabinetry, or countertop, counter stools, roman shades or pendant lighting.  All white kitchens are taking a backseat this year.

2.  Gold and Copper Accents ~ Metallic accents seem to be popular while being added to the wall or handles, taps, and faucets.

3.  Open Shelving ~  Display your attractive dishware and personal style.  Some are adding glass, tin or metal details to transform the space into a more eclectic look.

4.  Best Handles of the Year ~ Seems to be none at all!  Use and indent or create holes for a more minimalist look.  Some are even going organic with leather pulls on drawers!

5.  Kitchen Sinks ~ There are many options asides from white tubs and stainless steel.  Opt for a sink that adds a creative design element.

6.  Matte Black Appliances ~ Fridge, stove, dishwasher in black adds drama without making the kitchen feel to dark.  Other black accents such as hardware or fixtures can be included too.

7.  Pendant Lighting ~ Bring your own unique touch and make a statement in your kitchen buy adding lighting that becomes a centerpiece.

8.  Patterned ceramic tiles ~ They offer a focal point and a chance to add your own personal flavour.

9. Herb Gardens ~ It is becoming quite trendy to include your own garden inside so you can have fresh herbs right on hand.

10. Raw Materials ~ Include wood, stone, or shiplap and bring nature inside your home.       

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