Contractors absolutely do want to work during this time of crisis in our world.  Communities are working hard to find ways to keep the economy healthy while still maintaining good, ethical health practice.  If you decide to move forward with renovations there are ways to take precautions.  Because people are being forced into a “staycation”, consumers are taking the time to upgrade their homes.  Customers have also been proud to help support local businesses while being able to get home projects completed. 

 First, conversations need to be had regarding hygiene and protection measures.  Ensuring that all people in the home have been healthy as well as any workers that could be entering the home.  Under no circumstances should a contractor or subcontractor work in your home if any persons are showing symptoms. 

Avoid being in the house while the work is being done.  If you have nowhere else to go, try to limit yourself to one section of the house.  Wash your hands after using the work area as a precaution, after the workers have left for the day.  Keeping social distance is always at the forefront of our minds.  So smiles from 6 feet apart instead of handshakes will have to be the way for now.

If we are going to be spending so much time at home during this pandemic, we might as well enjoy our spaces as much as possible.  This is the time to put those dreams into action and beautify your home!      

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