Who would have ever thought that we would be talking about bathroom technology?  There are so many ways to make your bathroom tech savvy!

Motion sensors such as automatic flushing is the most common use of technology but you can also have automatic lids on the toilet.  The lid goes up and down when it senses you approaching.  No more arguments about who left the seat up last night!  If you live in a cold area, think about getting a warming seat.  When you add a warming unit to your lid, it warms the seat while it is closed.  There are even toilets that self clean, foot warm, have dual flush for saving dollars on water usage, LED lighting, light shows and even systems that play your favourite play list.  As amazing as these are, they can all come at a hefty price tag but there are simplified more cost effective versions out there on the market.

Other options that are less expensive are going for comfort height toilets, they are 2″ taller than a standard model and they are easier for anyone suffering from mobility issues.  Built in night lights are great when you don’t want to be blinded in the middle of the night with a big bright light.  Some models emit a soothing blue light that glows.  Others have Bluetooth capability and can even turn on with a verbal greeting and your own personal playlist will start up.

You can automate the bathroom and have the lights turn on when you have your arms full of laundry.  There are types as Occupancy where you turn the light on and it times of automatically.  Another is Vacancy and it turns off when you leave the room.  Wiring is different for all these types of switches and would require some expertise from an electrician.  Other automatic gadgets are having the seat lift as you approach or your tap turning on by sensor for washing hands.  All helping out with keeping germs to a minimum.

Even bathtubs are becoming high tech.  Some baths have Chromatherapy functions that use colour to enhance the mood and aim for total relaxation.  Air baths have hit the scene are tubs with many jets that blow heated air into the bath water, creating millions of massaging bubbles!  You can also mount a TV into the wall so you never have to worry about dropping your tablet in the water while trying to relax in the bath.

Showers with multi heads have been around for a long time now.  But now they come with touch screens that allow you to set up the temperature of your water, control the shower heads’ angles, spray and intensity.  They can even be set to change for different people.  Enjoy music, lights, steam… there are so many options.  Although a quick and easy add on to any shower is adding a waterproof speaker to the wall that can pair up with any Bluetooth device.  There are so many interesting and fun ways to jazz up your bathroom.

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