Kitchen Reno – To Replace or Refurbish?

Kitchen Reno – To Replace or Refurbish? Customers wanting to change the look of their kitchen are faced with the same big question – do they update their existing cabinets or replace the old with brand-new cabinets?

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Building A House: From Beginning to End

Building A House: From Beginning to End 3Gen has been busy breaking ground on several new home construction sites in Williams Lake. We are trying to beat the cold weather and get the foundations in the ground.

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Kitchen Makeover

This home was originally built in 1991….. and with the gold hardware, blonde oak cabinets, and old floors, it was looking dated and lacking modern finishes.

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Building Tips for Your New Home

Building Tips for Your New Home1. Get a few bids on your house. Go with the company that you feel comfortable with and who understands your bottom line. 2. Make sure that you are not overbuilding for your neighbourhood.

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Kitchen Islands

On trend in kitchens right now are kitchen islands. Workhouse islands have become the central feature in modern kitchens. Homeowners are opting for large, square or rectangular islands.

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Kitchen Countertops

It is so exciting to choose a brand new kitchen and it is so challenging to keep within budget once you start looking at all the options out there.

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