Building A House: From Beginning to End

3Gen has been busy breaking ground on several new home construction sites in Williams Lake. We are trying to beat the cold weather and get the foundations in the ground. The crews have been very busy excavating and working those shovels hard. All that concrete needs to get poured and be kept at a warm enough temperature to set. During the process the plumber needs to rough in the piping as well. There are so many pieces to the puzzle when building a house. Some of us don’t spend anytime considering it but when I watch the crew at work, I realize just how much there is to it.

Once the ground work is done, then framing begins! This is a very exciting time where you see the walls start to go up and slowly but surely you begin to see windows and doors and it actually starts to look like the house that you have been imagining. The plumbers and electricians come back to get those behind the scene pipes and wiring put in that every home needs.

Soon after the roof trusses are going up and the roof installation will be completed. A very welcome time as it keeps the elements out of the house! Exterior doors and windows are installed which also keep out the weather. Then, so many different trades are involved in the interior of the house putting in pipes, venting, ductwork, electrical, and insulation. The second most exciting time is when the drywall is going in and you can see walls and ceilings forming all these wonderful rooms that you will be spending so much time in.

Then comes the really fun part…the finishing! Your favourite colours and personal style get applied to the house through your choices of paint, flooring, trim, cabinetry, and appliances. What a magnificent time to look back and reflect on all the hard work and the large process it is to build your house. The moment has arrived and you finally get to enjoy your home. Let the memories begin!

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