Busy Crews~4 Houses Going Up!

We have been having a very busy winter here in Williams Lake. Our crews have been building 4 houses in 4 different areas of the city.

It is always a challenge to keep all the trades on schedule so that we can smoothly move from house to house. When we get a house all framed up and ready for the next crew to come in and work on wiring or drywall or paint, you just hope that everyone else’s schedules have been going smoothly as well so you can get to your next job on schedule too.

We work with some amazing crews/companies who all try their very best to get from one job to another on time so as not to delay each other.

Trying to make all the different pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly is always our aim. Sometimes weather can throw a major wrench into plans or an emergency with one crew can then delay all the crews down the line. So a lot of patience is required and adaptability is needed to deal with all the changes that come your way when building a house or doing a renovation.

Speaking of renovations, we have been busy with kitchen renos as well. After our crazy summer with fires and evacuations, here in Williams Lake, when people got back they wanted to get back to life as it was and get back on schedule. So we have been creating some lovely kitchens and bathrooms along the way too.

It is so great to see our city get back on track and moving forward. What a great place to be!


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