How about Matte Black?


The latest in home decor trends in the kitchen is matte black stainless steel!  This look is a smooth, low gloss finish that complements all styles of kitchens from traditional to modern or contemporary.

These luxurious appliances have matching matte black ranges, dishwashers and over the range microwaves.  They have a “print proof” finish that is designed to conceal fingerprints and smudges.  An added bonus that they are apparently easier to keep clean than regular stainless steel.  Another appeal of the matte black is they can seem a little warmer than the industrial look of stainless steel.

A big trend we are seeing is white on black – white cabinets and decor with black appliances, creating a sophisticated and sleek looking kitchen.  But don’t let that limit your options!  The black stainless steel looks great with all colours of cabinets and cabinet styles.

Matt Black Stainless Steel is everything that you have ever liked about stainless tell but with a black exterior.  It’s new and bold and stands out making a wonderful statement piece!


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