What goes into constructing a kitchen you might ask? Lots! Here are some things to think about to get you started.

Let’s start with the cabinetry. You can choose MDF or wood. Choices inside include shelving, deep drawers, lazy suzan’s and other storage ideas like spice racks, knife holders, cutlery holders, or garbage and recycling trays with containers. The doors for your cabinets could be made from laminate or solid wood. There are many colours and styles to pick from including country, shaker, flat, or square. After colour choice you may want to add a glaze or some glass as a feature. Other options for the walls could be plate racks or open shelving. The handles are most often found in a pewter or black iron and you can choose a round pull or more of a handle style.

Countertops would be next on my list. You can choose between laminate, wooden countertops that are cutting board style, granite or marble (natural stones), or engineered stone and quartz. There are also different edges that can be applied for different styles. The backsplash is created to protect a wall but it can also be a decorative piece. You can use tile, glass, or stone in your choice of colour and style.

Flooring options may be wood veneer, vinyl, bamboo, linoleum, hardwood, slate, tile or concrete. All have very different looks and textures. Other decorative additions might be posts or columns and mouldings.

Lighting is another important piece of the kitchen. Ambient lighting usually comes from the ceiling such as pot lights with dimmers to create even light in a room. Accent lighting is secondary lighting like sconces or under counter trim lights. Task lighting is often brighter and directly about your workspace such as a pot light or pendant. Fixtures to consider are recessed lights, pendants, track lighting, under cabinet, chandeliers, wall sconces or ceiling fixtures.

Appliances also need to be chosen and they are available in a wide range of colours and materials to choose from. Appliances that need to be considered are the cooktop, the oven, the sink, the range hood or a microwave, a fridge and a dishwasher.

This is all you need to get your kitchen planning underway today!




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