Kitchen Islands


Almost every new home has a kitchen design with an island in the center of it all. This is where all the socializing ends up taking place. It is also used in place of a breakfast nook and definitely used for overflow seating at a big family meal. Depending on if you’d like to use it more as a nook, you might create sides that people can sit and slightly face each other or keep it simple having it all in a row, diner style.

If you like to cook while socializing, you might decide to include your cook top or sink in the island. Some people add a small, secondary sink so they easily prepare a meal while continuing a conversation.

Kitchen islands should be an addition that creates a gathering place so be careful not to go too big and end up separating people or allowing the island to take over a room with it’s space.

Some designers like to use different finishes for the island countertop and cabinetry than in the rest of the kitchen. You might see white cabinetry surrounding the kitchen with a darker cabinetry colour for the island. Another option is all the same cabinetry while putting light countertop surrounding the kitchen and contrasting with a dark countertop on the island. This allows you to explore with different styles and textures and add a bit of flare to your kitchen.




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