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There are many different types of sinks out there and you are sure to find something that suits your style and design needs.  A sink is a long term commitment as you spend so much time there preparing and cleaning up.  So take some time to consider if you are going for functional, beautiful or both.  There are so many choices of sinks and faucets that will help you create the special look and feel of the kitchen you’ve been waiting for.

A single bowl sink gives you lots of space to clean large items.  A double bowl sink gives the choice for using one for washing an another for rinsing or food prep.  Farmhouse style makes a statement.  They are large sinks with a traditional or country style home, and are found in many modern homes.  Your counter needs a special design in order to install this type of sink.  Undermount sinks drop down from the countertop and have a clean modern look with no edges so they are easy to clean.  Lastly there are top mount sinks which are the easiest and most budget conscious sink out there.  All these styles come in different shapes too such as rectangular, square, circular, corner or even U shaped.

Stainless Steel is a good price, is easy to clean and is also heat and stain resistant.  

Acrylic is lightweight, easy to install and easy to clean but not as long lasting as steel.

Cast Iron is associated with the farmhouse style.  Enameled cast iron won’t crack or dent and has a high gloss shiny finish.  The con is that porcelain enamel can chip and scratch.

Granite is resistant to scratches and heat and impact.  It is unique and long lasting.  The con is that it is heavy and can chip.

Copper is a soft and malleable metal, it comes smooth or hammered and is fully recyclable and gives you that worn, aged look.  The con is that it shows scratches and dents and food and liquids can cause damage.

These all have their own special look and whatever you choose, it needs to be whatever suits you and your budget best! 

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