[Pendant Lighting] ~ Sometimes referred to as a drop or suspender, it is a lone light fixture that hangs from the ceiling suspended by a cord, chain or metal rod.  They are often used in multiples, hung in a straight line over kitchen countertops.


Pendants are usually found in the kitchen hanging over the island or above a sink but they can also be found in any room of the house.  Sometimes grouped together in a duo or trio but also hanging solo by themselves.  Perhaps hanging an oversized pendant in the corner of your master bedroom or in a corner space in your living room suits your style?  They have also been used small and solo over a kitchen table or in entry ways.


Pendants give you the opportunity to make a statement in your space with a vast array of styles and finishes including glass, brass and nickel.  The variety of colours, shades and designs allows you to bring function and style in to your home.  We have been seeing black, copper, and gold trending to make bold statements and adding features to a room.


The types of shades also vary from opaque, glass and porcelain and other textures which all illuminate very differently.  Think about what type of light is needed for your space such as like what direction you’d like the light to shine as some shades face up or down.  Larger scaled rooms can feature big lights and wide shades while a smaller room might call for something more slender and petite.


Find what speaks to you and adds that perfect touch to your home!


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