Raw Materials In Your Home

Wood materials in all sorts of colours and details are mainly used in kitchens.  A beautiful way to use wood in your home is by adding exposed log beams or wood columns which add warmth and style to a space.  Wood (such as maple, cherry, oak and alder) are known for their classic beauty.  Wood cabinets are strong and durable and can support all counter types. 

Stone can be used in a kitchen in a variety of ways.  An accent stone wall, the front side of a kitchen island or a tall column.  It becomes a natural backdrop that enhances the style of the space.  Generally, the darker your stone, the lighter the wooden counterpart should be to provide an even balance.  Stone veneer is another option that is less expensive but still adds the special look that you are trying to achieve.

Shiplap is known for its rustic charm and natural look.  It can be painted, stained or natural.  Shiplap adds a cottage feel or can become a focal point perhaps under the stairs or a rustic backdrop to a gallery wall.  It is mainly applied horizontally but has been used vertically as well changing the look dramatically.

Bring a little nature inside your home, let in the natural light and use nature inspired colours on your walls.  Earthy colours give a tranquil feel to your space.  Whether you use paint, wallpaper, ceramic tiles, wooden panels or stone, they all bring a calming backdrop.  Take it a step further and create a vertical garden or living wall in your kitchen space.  How wonderful to access fresh veggies and have wonderful herbs to smell right inside your own kitchen! .       

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