1. Quartz Countertops – They require little upkeep and have a timeless look.
  2. Open Layout – Take down the walls and open up to your living room, encouraging a more social space.
  3. Level Islands – Opens up the kitchen and allows for more prep space. Seating along the island is popular so dining is incorporated into the kitchen area.
  4. Lighting – Using 3 pendants in a row over the island continue to be popular. LED lighting is often used on a toe-kick , or beneath cabinetry/counters or inside a glass door.
  5. White Kitchens – Maintain a light bright space where you can apply colourful accents throughout your kitchen. Then simply change your accessories when wanting an update using splashes of colour to reflect your style.
  6. Deep Drawers – Fantastic for storing large bowls or appliances.
  7. Fewer Upper Cabinets – Making the room appear more open, adding an opportunity for greenery and plants. Open shelving has become very popular. Meanwhile the ‘shaker’ door style has remained on trend as well.
  8. Finishes – Chrome and nickel are timeless finishes that can be applied to faucets, hardware and brackets for shelves. There is also a trend in using golds and coppers for a more ornate look.
  9. Wood Floors – Using laminate (that looks like wood) or real hardwood offers a very warm and inviting kitchen. There are even linoleums that offer vinyl plank flooring giving the look of wood as well.
  10. Stainless Steel Appliances – Are a professional, sleek look and can be integrated in to any kitchen.


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