Top 5 Reasons To Build

1.You make it to fit your family’s exact needs. Design it how you like it. For instance, you many not need a formal dinning room but you do need a playroom or an office. You may want more storage space or more closets. You can include these things in your design.

2.You can get exactly what you want. When you are looking at an older home there will always be things that you don’t like or need to change.

3.Low maintenance – New home = new everything and require less care than an older home that may or may not have been well maintained.

4.Energy Efficiency – Amendments to older homes cost money. New homes are built for new standards and cost you less in power bills.

5.Modern Floor Plans – Plans have changed significantly over the years. Gone are the days with a long hallway with bedrooms leading off the end of it. Open concept living areas and kitchens are a great way to socialize and get things done in the kitchen.

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