Tips On Wiring – Before You Start To Build

When planning your new home, these are some options that you may want to consider. Some things you might not have the money to do, but these following things you may want to spend the extra dollars on. Owners should consider that their current needs may change and may not be what your future needs are.

Things like hard wiring in the internet and including ethernet cables. Some people wonder why you would do this when wireless is available. You do it for speed and reliability. You might want to do every room while you are putting in cable and phone lines.

If you are interested in a security system or a surround sound system then have the electrician prep for these for future use.

If there is an obvious place where you might hang a flat panel t.v., consider putting in the power plug in a location on the wall where it would go. Many people are choosing this option now because it saves on space.

Add more outlets than you think that you need. In this day and age with so many electronics that need to be plugged in, you might want 4 outlets in each room instead of 2.

Build extra storage or closet space. Make use of wasted space such as under the stairs and use it as a storage room.

Consider a flex space such as a room of the foyer. It might currently be used as a playroom while kids are small but can easily be changed to be an office or a guest room.

These are simple ideas/changes that can prove to be helpful in the future.

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